Ready for something totally different? 


I see you. You are smart, motivated and creative. You know what it's like to struggle, try harder and hope it works out. You've proven that you can do it. You don't need anyone. But, you still feel like something is calling you.

Maybe it's a vague sense that there's more for you to do and be in your life. Maybe it's a specific dream that just won't go away. All you know is that you are DONE settling for what you think you can do and you are ready to see what could happen when you give it your all.

I have news for you----trying harder isn't going to keep working for you.

You need to try smarter. Your life and your dream is more important than just struggling through alone and hoping it works out.

I know you really, truly care about  living your passion. I know that you feel the most alive when you are growing.

Helping you FULLY EMBODY your true self so that you can really do what you want to do in your life is MY passion and life's work.

Doing it alone is overrated. Let's see what is possible when we team up and together create a whole new way of being and doing in your life---one that feels exhilarating and yet effortless. One that feels like YOU coming alive. I can't wait to see what happens... 


Group Programs: Currently Full for 2019

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Private 1:1 Work:

Aka: Artisan-level custom built success

Since I’ve started coaching with Lindsay I’ve renewed relationships, set healthy boundaries in relationships that were dying, gotten my sense of purpose back, and even started a business!
— S.M.

Working with me privately isn't a course or a set one-size-fits-all program. It is special something we weave together based on my experience and your current challenges or vision. 

Some of the things I have helped my people with are…

  • crippling self doubt or lack of clarity

  • chronic overthinking and self-judgment

  • chronic burnout and overwhelm

  • lack of fulfillment and inspiration

  • feeling scattered, distracted or irritable

  • frustration with results or fear of really going for it

  • lack of motivation or discipline

  • feeling disconnected from yourself and your life

For some more specific examples of real results from real women I’ve worked with, click the button below.

Although everyone's experience is different, my clients all can't believe who they BECOME during our work together.

Here are some ideas about what we can do…

  • Look at your goals around health, spirituality, education, career, and finances completely differently. Stop living from shoulds and start living from “love this.”

  • Start a new business or creative endeavor with a strong foundation from the start.

  • Scale a business from a never ending grind to a soul-nourishing success.

  • Course correct personal or professional relationships gone awry.

  • Get on the path out of debt and learn how to earn, handle and hold money with skillful ease.

  • Develop strong, profitable relationships with clients and customers that don’t leave you feeling slimy and gross.

  • Navigate the online world in a way that builds an authentic place to share your voice, an enthusiastic, engaged audience and time/energy left over. Online doesn’t need to look like overwhelm.

  • Innovate your industry instead of being sentenced to a dismal ceiling for growth.

  • Embrace who you really are and what you bring to the table so that you are open for more regard, opportunities and confidence.

  • Leave behind the residue past toxic relationships so that you are truly open to what’s next.

  • Become skilled in articulating boundaries and communicating those choices with confidence, peace and kindness.

  • Navigate tricky life transitions and challenges.

  • Surprise yourself with goals reached with more joyful consistency and less pressure.

  • Increased energy and enthusiasm for what you’re up to.

  • Set yourself free from self criticism and harness your unique strengths.

  • integrate your personal values into your career and family

If this is you, and you are ready for this type of work, let's talk. My clients come from all over the globe. I work by direct invitation or referral only. To see if you would be a good fit for partnering together, please contact me so we can connect and I can hear your story.

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