True success is not defined only in one insular area of life. True success is shown in the devotion to the art of living well. True success is INTEGRATING all the parts of who we are with all the parts of what we do. That is a masterpiece of a life.

I work with all sorts of humans up to all sorts of projects in the world. They care a LOT about what they do, how they do it and the people they do it with. Clients have been professional musicians, healers, business owners, nutritionists, physicians or medical professionals, artists, therapists, speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, scientists, entrepreneurs, and moms. Here are some examples (the names are changed, the stories are real.)

Marianne E.

When we started, Marianne was chasing her shadow running a business that she secretly hated, was draining her bank account (and soul!) and feeling like a failure. She was arguing with her spouse (about money, mostly!) and was an overwhelmed mom embarrassed how much she was snapping at her daughter. Together, we created her way to CLOSE that soul-sucking business, dig out of debt and step into what she REALLY saw herself doing. She is now a paid speaker and author with raving fans. She’s debt free with a plan to stay that way. She’s a confident, fearless force in the world. (Oh, and a side benefit is that she has more time for fun, is now a present mom and wife, and relationships are more honest and loving all around.

“I was paralyzed by my future, and Lindsay came in and helped me move- move towards a wonderful, exciting future.”
— S.A.

Jeanette A,

Jeanette had been creating in secret for years: designing amazing classes, programs, online courses, workshops, keynotes and everything else that she’d like to be sharing with the world. She’s a healer at heart and coach/consultant by trade.

But Jeanette was broke. She hadn’t dared to yet put OUT her fine work. She was paralyzed by fear of how hard it would be, what people might think of her, how to do it exactly and the curse of the creative—-constantly tweaking and adjusting trying to get it JUST RIGHT before sharing it.

When we met, she was just about ready to call it quits on herself and the dream she loved so much. She thought something was really wrong with her—everyone else could figure out how to make a living doing what they loved—but not her. She figured she didn’t know enough yet (even though she had already spent thousands of dollars and decades of learning).

Jeanette needed some clear places to begin, custom-made systems that kept things simple and inspired and empowered application to get in ACTION. We made a plan and helped her start. Since then, she’s worked with real paying clients who LOVE working with her. She’s made real money that shows her she can do this. And she’s got a plan to help her share all those projects in her head.

It was great working with a professional who could point out my belief structures that were holding me back; provide tools to help guide me through challenges; and ultimately hold me accountable for each step we built together towards my goals.
— M.F.

Sarah M,

Sarah is an experienced, professional musician with education and high level mentoring from a music legend. She was considering giving all that up. That’s because she was a devoted mom and wife as well and wanted to provide for her kids. She was burned out in the grind and frustrated with the scarcity for opportunities or real income in the music world—-outside of the constant hustle for gigs, that is and trying to make it by on hourly teaching. She wasn’t sure she saw a future she liked.

With Sarah—we went back to the drawing board entirely. We looked at her life and life’s work as a blank canvas and tuned into what she REALLY wanted to paint there. Now, she’s doing her part to innovate the music industry.

Her programs are in high demand, she’s paid well, receives raving appreciation from fans, has international opportunities to share what she’s doing, and has more energy to spend quality time with her kids and family (the most important thing to her in her world).

I’ve loved the pace of the work we do—-it’s like we work one step at a time, I take that step, and stuff happens which leads to us uncovering the next step.
I’ve seen really amazing EMBODIED growth doing it this way—-versus trying to figure it all out at once.

— K.M.

Kayla C.,

Kayla had big dreams and lots of ideas. She’s a creative at heart and lived life as a free spirit. She had started and stopped more job, projects and even relationships than she could count. When we first spoke, she told me, “I know I probably need structure but I’m afraid that if I really commit and have calendars and stuff, I’ll start to hate what I’m doing and turn into a control freak that is just stressed all the time.” When we started to explore what options WOULD work for her, we also uncovered a deep concern of hers. She was always worried if THIS (meaning now) was the right time. It seemed like whenever in the past she HAD committed to do something, all sorts of things in her life would “come up” and it never seemed the right time. As a result, even though she was good at a lot of things (as a multi-passionate person) she was disheartened by the lack of results her life was showing. Together, we put together a “free spirit” plan that really lit her up. It nourished her energy levels, her soul, her desire for freedom AND strategic success that she really wanted. She started completing projects and actually bringing her ideas to life. As a result, Kayla has worked with private clients (in multiple creative ways), held successful group retreats, put together music and art classes for the community and even has a book deal coming down the line. Instead of always waiting for the right time, she decided that NOW is actually a great time to create! I can’t wait to see what she brings to life next.

I hope you can start to see yourself in some of these stories. I hope you can start to see what is honest and possible for you here: in business, relationships, income, and quality of life when willing to embark on this type of artisan-level partnership dedicated to your success.

There are too many case studies to completely write out. Here are a few other solid highlights:

  • Opened a thriving nutritional business while stepping into motherhood for the first time with the birth of her baby.

  • Navigated a messy divorce with patience (where each partner is still able to be friends and co-parents).

  • Made her annual income goal in the first 4 months of the year—we actually had to dream bigger!

  • Doubled clients and higher level success with enrolling business clients as a consultant.

  • Improved communication and connection with spouse. Improved passion.

  • Developed an online brand with an enthusiastic, engaged audience.

  • Designed a new platform in her industry to showcase her offerings with more ease and creativity.

  • Sees and can articulate the value of who she is and what she brings to the table which has led to more recognition, opportunities and confidence in the workplace .

  • Dating again (and met her guy!) after a series of toxic relationships.

  • Stopped being shut down and frustrated by always trying to do what other people thought she should do, and instead learned how to listen and trust her own inner wisdom.

  • Reduced anxiety and pressure—-instead of going to all the events because she had to, now only goes to things she truly wants to. And can articulate boundaries and her choices with confidence, peace and kindness.

  • Navigated global travel, being a mom to a special needs child, went through cancer treatment, and stepped into more quiet confidence in her professional work.

  • Nutritional and fitness goals reached with more joyful consistency and less pressure.

  • Clarified her professional identity and allowed her to step into increased confidence as a leader, writer, speaker and spiritual healer.

If you are interested in creating your life or life’s work as a masterpiece, I invite you to email me. In a focused, empowered way, we can discuss what you want, what’s the hard part, and what the process could look like for your success story. I know it can be hard to reach out to someone you don’t know. But the first step of your journey lies in the choice to step forward. You aren’t alone.

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“Everything that has happened to us up to this point is rehearsal for us to act, now, as our true self and to find and speak in our true voice.”

—Stephen Pressfield