"Are you ready to stop living by DEFAULT and start CREATING a life of meaning?"

My Unique System

I work with women who are creative and purpose-driven adventurers. Women who struggle with tirelessly meeting every one else’s expectations but feel a sense of loss and overwhelm because they are not fulfilling their own expectation for their unique contribution and potential.

As a result of working together, you will create a clear path forward into a life free from the doubts and guilt that has held you back and rediscover joy and peace as you live out your unique purpose.


The Journey We Travel…..

I have created a customized process specifically based on my own experience and the tools of my training.  I don’t use the analogy of a journey lightly. The concept holds personal weight and significance for me—balancing both the determination and inspiration of the big picture with the discipline and faith of the daily details. Journeys are not sprints. Lasting change takes time as well. Even our time together is merely a leg of your trip—designed to get you confidently back on your unique track forward. Your journey didn’t start with me, and it won’t end with me. Together we will create a clear plan forward that is customized to YOU—no one else can BE you. You will not only create this plan, but also discover freedom from the overwhelmed discouragement and drowning feeling of fear and doubt. This is designed to get you from overwhelmed hopelessness and stress to that quiet confident strength that moves you forward into the joy of living out your purpose. After all, this is what YOU need—but this is what your family needs, community needs and the world needs--people who have reclaimed their journey.


If you want to find out more about my very special process and how it might be what you are looking for then keep reading. 

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