Enrollment for the Effortless Energy Small Group is NOW OPEN



Effortless Energy: The art and science of creativity, energy and freedom.

To you the frantic, burned out, tired, drained and overwhelmed women out there. I know you are actually a powerhouse. You are beautiful, strong, resilient, kind-hearted and creative. BUT---you’ve forgotten how to live from that place---or maybe your life has started to run YOU versus the other way around. I know you don’t want to function by just getting by, waiting for bedtime to get here or just trying to last the next 6 months. You want to thrive---and I want that for you too. It’s possible---but the answer isn’t in learning more or trying harder. It’s by understanding how YOUR energy works, how to try SMARTER, more efficiently, by tapping to your birthright to live inspired, aligned and in flow. I want to remind you of that path—and better yet, help you get on it in a way that sticks with you.


If this might be you: I invite you to join me for an intimate, transformative 8 week journey with women just like yourself. We can travel further TOGETHER.

During these 8 weeks I will assist you in

·      Understand energy and your natural rhythms better.

·      Create more space in your day and week (without dropping the things that matter the most to you).

·      Reduce your mental drain and stress levels.

·      See new possibilities and ideas for growth that are exciting to you.

·      Find and recommit to a clearer purpose and direction in your daily life.


·      1 hour of your week (plus anything else you want to put into it).

(Can’t make it live for the training sessions? STILL worth it because you can get the recording AND all the behind the scenes support from me and each other.)


Runs June 20th through  August 8th

What you will do with your new-found energy and inspiration? That’s up to YOU! This could be the easiest change and perhaps one of the most valuable shifts you will ever make. It’s not ME doing it FOR YOU—but us working together. It’s not an automated program or audio book---it’s live interaction with me and customized tools/practices designed in real time for your real life. I’ll set the “soil conditions” just right for your transformation and you commit to show up and apply what we talk about.

 To see if this is for you, please contact me Lindsay@passagelifecoaching.com

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