Lesson 8: Be the Warrior---Yogi Style

When I get on my mat, it’s a rare day when one of the Warrior poses isn’t a part of it. I love reminding myself that mindfulness, meditation and lovingkindness practices are useless if I only use them when I’m feeling sunshiney and life is going my way. Really, mindfulness, meditation and lovingkindness is a badass inner sport. It’s not for the faint of heart and we need warrior resilience, laser focus, and inner equanimity to navigate the choppy waters of relationships, cultural climate and life's curveballs. 

Give me an example, Lindsay! Why, I’m so glad you asked. Here’s an easy one. When was the last argument with your significant other? When where you last scrolling FB and felt triggered by something someone else posted? What happened during your frenzied morning between you and your kiddos?

Our spiritual practice is only as good as our skill in relationships around us---included our SELF relationship. 

It’s hardcore to be WILLING to be triggered to learn/engage. It’s hardcore to see that the triggers are the teachers. But that's the next level shift. It’s how we will transform into the open-hearted, strong and capable beings we were meant to be.

Get yourself right now into Warrior II. Just do it. One foot forward facing, bent knee. Other foot back and facing outward. Torso balanced and ready. Arms extend strong over the legs and the gaze travels down the front arm and over the fingertips. One pointed focus. Take 3 deep breaths there and connect with YOUR inner warrior. 

Be ready to engage your triggers, the teachers, today. Lean in. Trust yourself to breath and sit with the discomfort. Be uncomfortable AND ok. Tap out if you need to, but keep at it. You have nothing to prove---the most seasoned warriors know that. Each day---do what you can. Soon, this centered focus and inner discipline will become a part of the fabric of your soul. You won’t need to control your circumstances (or TRY to!) any more, because you aren’t afraid of challenge.You celebrate it, because you know that challenge is a secret code---it’s code for “I’ve trained for this, now let’s see what I can do”. 

P.S. Much of the inspiration from this warrior intention was shaped by learning with respect from my partner---a warrior by trade in the military years ago and a warrior at heart forever. He generally doesn't picks a fight, but isn’t afraid of one either. I remember when he was enlisted. Being stateside and training took WAY more patience than combat. Once deployed---although the loss and hardship was NOT easy, of course---I remember him sharing that there also was a sort of satisfaction in actually BEING on the field doing what you’d been training for. On a way lesser scale, it’s probably the satisfaction a marathoner feels in actually RUNNING the race they’ve been practicing for day in a day out. I’m no soldier—not even a marathoner—but I do look at life as training ground for challenge. I want to be anti-fragile. Every day, when I wake up, I’ve got a choice. Go with default mode and react to every situation as it hits me (or ball up defensively and hide out!) or go with intention, direction and focus. Set my attention for the day as I create a training ground and when situations arise---engage like the strong, calm person I choose to be. There’s satisfaction in that, my friends. That's resilience. And...the resilience in me sees and honors the resilience in YOU.