Our character in our story is deeply tied to our context. 
 Some of my context is a woman, a daughter, a wife, and a mother. I am also a musician and a Christian yogi—and frequently can be found knee deep in the mess of some inspiring project or another. I devour books like they are food—speaking of food, I frequently burn dinner. I am an explorer at heart--an appreciator of cultures and the people in them. I love the depth of art, the solitude of nature, and the warmth of community. If it's outside, I love doing it---mostly. I love hiking, snowshoeing, climbing, camping, and sometimes running. 

Aside from my credentials as a certified life coach through Life Purpose Institute, my certification as a yoga teacher and completing my bachelor’s degree in counseling—I am a lifelong student of mindset and personal growth: I can confidently say I'm uniquely equipped to help you make this transformation from the inside out---after all we ARE in this together. We, as women, are strong, beautiful, capable and creative. We have endless potential. From my experience though, we are also vulnerable to settling. I have done and am continuing to do the work to NOT settle, to give myself permission to struggle and grow, and to deeply live out my purpose. My journey has shaped me to help you with your journey. 

Working together could be your next best step....by contacting me you are NOT committing to anything except exploring if working together could make sense for you.

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